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Nancy Hope is a singer, songwriter and performer from Stoney Creek, Ontario. Her love and desire to create music came from listening to rock legends like Freddie Mercury of Queen and other Canadian artists like Bryan Adams and Amanda Marshall while growing up.

Nancy Hope is a pop/rock singer, songwriter and performer from Stoney Creek, Ontario. Her name “Hope” is a nod to her mission in this world as an artist and person; to inspire and give hope to others.

 Hope grew up in the town of Stoney Creek, just outside of Hamilton where her humble beginnings began. Her father, an ex CFL Toronto Argonaut, and her mother, a teacher and music lover, instilled the passion for music and relentless drive to become a professional musician at a very young age.

The soundtrack of her childhood consisted of 1970s classic rock bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin, and Canadian legends like Bryan Adams and Amanda Marshall. These artists heavily influenced her own unique sound and artistry, and sparked her deep desire to create music that is timeless and able to move the masses. She describes her music as “the best friend you never had”. One that is honest and will never let you down. Her powerful voice, lyrical messages and magnetic performance ability, make her the best kept secret in Canada.

Getting her start performing original music at open mic nights across Hamilton by the age of thirteen, she decided to pursue a career in music as a singer/songwriter. Being a lead vocalist in her high school’s pop/rock choir, she gained experience over four years performing in front of audiences all over North America that included singing backup for pop sensation LORDE at the 2017 MMVA’s. She equates her love for the stage and performing to these crucial years. She continued to perfect her craft performing weekly in a local cover/wedding band in Hamilton, all while completing a Bachelor of Music Degree in Voice Performance at Humber College in Toronto. Throughout her four years at Humber, she has worked with some of Canada’s finest musicians in the industry that include Rik Emmett, singer/guitarist of the successful Canadian band Triumph, and David Tyson, producer for the hit record “Black Velvet”.

Upon graduating from Humber College, she began working extensively with Toronto performance coaches Lorraine Lawson and Micah Barnes to learn the strategies and tools to build her brand, live show and unique sound. She has also collaborated with other names in the industry like Rob Wells and Kayla Diamond on previous projects. 

 Within the last year, she was a featured artist at the 2021 CMW Festival, a semi-finalist in the 2021 Unsigned Only Music Competition, and most recently awarded second place in The Women’s Freedom Song Contest in March 2022.

She released her debut single “Never Gonna Be My Man”, (Extended Version) on Nov 20th, 2020 a story of unrequited love. Her second single “It Gets Better” released on February 26th, 2021, is a powerful anthem that she hopes can inspire and give reassurance to her listeners that “this won’t last forever and things will get better”. 

She released her debut EP: Prelude on April 16th, 2021, and her follow up single, “Return to the Light” released May 14th, 2021, is an emotional and spiritual story dedicated to her grandfather. 

Her newest single “Dopamine Hit” released Oct 1st, 2021, produced by Toronto singer/songwriter Kayla Diamond, is only a glimpse of what is to come for Nancy Hope.

Nancy Hope - “Dopamine Hit” Live at the El Mocambo

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Friday August 26th, 2022
Live @ Ridge Road Winery, Hamilton

Friday July 22nd, 2022
Live @ Ridge Road Winery, Hamilton

Saturday April 23rd, 2022
Live with StereoFlavour @ The Gladstone Hotel, TO

Make No Mistake
2nd Place Winner “Make No Mistake” Women’s Freedom Song Contest 2022
Nancy Vincic
Hamilton’s newest musical powerhouse rocks the town

Hamilton musician Nancy Hope’s newest song, Never Gonna be My Man, is a deeply personal story of unrequited love. The debut single from her newest album, released on Nov. 20, is a rock and jazz combination with powerful vocals.


“My mission is to transform people’s lives through my music that brings a message of truth, love and hope. My hope is that my music can bring humanity closer together.”
-Nancy Hope